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You are now in your magnificent new building, just a stone's throw from your old location. Why did you want to move?

Geert Casselman: “The building was starting to become too small and was also no longer in optimal condition. When the land became available, we didn’t have to think twice. This plot provided the opportunity to transfer the branch from Wielsbeke to Meulebeke, which has yielded a great many practical benefits.”

How was the concept for your production and warehouse facility conceived?

Geert: "In mid-2019, despite our architect having already come up with a traditional design, as if by chance, and just in the nick of time, we were introduced to Logflow. They presented us with the revolutionary idea of operating from one central warehouse, organising production over two floors. This would considerably reduce the size of the building and give us greater scope for future expansion. Operating over two floors, we obviously needed a lift.”

And so Fraxinus came into the picture.

Pieter Debucquoy: “Exactly! Logflow had suggested two parties for this task, while we had also brought in a third party ourselves. Two parties, including Fraxinus, had already worked out the details for the project at the tender stage and were functionally well matched. The financial aspect, along with the fact that Fraxinus is located close by, were the deciding factors.”

Geert: “The completed Fraxinus projects we visited also filled us full of confidence.”

What were the main challenges for this project?

Pieter: “Ensuring the optimal flow of goods was in itself the most complex issue to address, with the pallets coming from different directions and floors. What's more, we have several options for adding a top sheet, wrapping and pallet labelling."

Geert: “We also receive countless types of pallets, rendering handling all the more difficult. Integrating a slave pallet system soon solved this. What’s more, while we hope to further automate this facility in the future, we first want to collect production data so we know what to prioritise. Consider, for instance, a strapper, a weighing machine... The installation had to be equipped for this as well.”

What impact does this installation have in terms of production?

Pieter: “Everything previously had to be packed manually, whether strapping, applying top sheets or wrapping. In the future, we hope to add labels from our software package and be able to work with AVGs. Then we will be able to link everything together and make huge organisational leaps forward.”

DUCAJU now has its first collaboration with Fraxinus behind it. How would you look back on this?

Pieter: “As it happens, I have actually known Hannes since primary school. All our queries and demands were immediately taken into account in detailed fashion and in as few meetings as possible. Before we knew it, the installation had already been drawn up.”

Geert: “West Flemish no-nonsense mentality, that's basically how you could sum it up.”

Short and sweet, the perfect ending. Thank you!

by Hannes Dekeyzer - Sales engineer Fraxinus

Every project is tailor-made, as this installation proves. The lift installation transports raw materials on pallets to the production area on the ground and first floors. Finished products are then returned towards the packaging line, which also links to the lift system. A few highlights:

  • Raw materials enter the facility on different types of pallets. To ensure this all runs smoothly, we have developed a system that allows a slave pallet to slide under any type of pallet. When a pallet comes in to be slaved, the operator signals for a pallet to be prepared out of the pallet dispenser.
  • The pallet then moves up towards production area. Because we have to enter the lift installation sideways and exit at the end, a corner handover was integrated into it. Once at the top, the pallet can be unloaded using a pallet truck.
  • Finished products go via the lift to the ground floor for packing. Once at the bottom, the pallet is turned 90° and centred towards the topsheet dispenser and wrapper. A rotary table allows the labeller to stick a label over all four sides of the pallet. Space is provided to add a strapping later on.
  • In the middle of the installation, fire doors are provided for by the customer. We have sought to make sure that pallets can still be evacuated through these openings in case of the fire alarm going off.
  • We provided an interface with the operators at each setup point so that the installation knows which steps to follow.
  • To facilitate lift maintenance, we installed the lift motor to the side of the lift car, at the same level as the lift platform, instead of on the roof of the lift.
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DUCAJU is the result of a merger between Du Caju Printing, BDMO and Hellyn Kartonnage. The company dates back to 1729 (Du Caju Printing) and is now run by its 8th generation under CEO Tom Du Caju. DUCAJU specialises in luxury packaging and personalised cardboard presentation folders for a variety of industries.

EUR 32 million

Meulebeke: 86, Erpe-Mere: 92

2x 9,000 m²

100,000 boxes per day

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We are happy to exchange ideas. Feel free to contact us for an introduction.

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